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eBook – Spirit and Matter – by Cosme Massi

Written in the form of a dialogue between 5 characters, the book brings great reflections on how contributions of philosophy to the understanding of the spirit.

Themes such as:

  • • Materialism, Spiritism, Spiritualism and Dogmatism;
  • • Discussions about mind, brain, truth, certainty, causality and fatality;
  • • Reflections on God, spirit, perispirit, material body and intelligence.

The characters also navigate, with lightness and depth, in the concepts of freedom, free will, law of non-retrogradation of the soul, fluids, Universe, infinity, desire, will and virtues.

Format: eBook (PDF)  | File Size: 1769 KB

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Descrição do produto

Format: eBook (PDF) 
File Size: 1769 KB 
Title: Spirit and Matter - Philosophical Dialogues about the First Causes
Author: Massi, Cosme.
Collection: Understanding Kardec
Series: Understand "The Spirits' Book"
Theme: Spiritism, Materialism and Classical Philosophy. About The Work “The Spirits' Books”. Study of Part One: Primary Causes.
Print Length: 194 pages
Language: English
Publisher: KARDECBooks 
ISBN: 9788568615027

More information about the book:

A weekend of philosophy and the animation of four characters: René (scholar of Kardec), Max (skeptical materialist), Ana (journalist humanist) and Paulo (convicted spiritist). The meeting resulted in five dialogues on the root causes of all things: God, spirit, and matter. Reflections on the contributions of philosophy to the understanding of Spiritism.

About the author

Doctor and master in Logic and Philosophy of Science by UNICAMP. Graduated in Physics at UFRJ. He was a university professor, dean and director of several universities in Brazil. Winner of the Moinho Santista award in Mathematical Logic. He is the creator of educational technologies. Writer and speaker of spiritist philosophy and science based on Allan Kardec for over 30 years. Founder of IDEAK (Allan Kardec Spiritist Disclosure Institute) and creator of KARDECPEDIA and KARDECPlay.

About Allan Kardec

His works present spiritist science and philosophy with incomparable simplicity and depth. His style, rigor and grandeur are unmatched. It is impossible not to be enchanted by its simple, beautiful, rich and profound texts. Read Kardec. Understand Kardec. Living Kardec.